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these prices are for essex areas only, if you happen to live in east london please contact for full price list

Jessica soak off gel polish

Jessica Gel Nails, soak off polish (shellac )
manicure £20
pedicure  £25

manicures and pedicures the sugar way

sugar scrub mani`s and pedi`s neaten and restore how your nails should look, with our relaxing massage to top off your treatment your sure to feel relaxed.

all manicures and pedicures are OPI
manicure £10/£15
pedicure £20/£24
file and paint hands £5/£7
file and paint feet £8/£10

luxury manicure £15/£20
luxury pedicure £25/£30

french £2/£3

massage therapy

A Sugar Scrub massage will enhance relaxation and well being in the comfort of your own home. Each massage comes with a consultation tailored to suit your needs

swedish back and shoulder massage 30mins £20

swedish full body massage 60mins £40

swedish full body massage 90mins £65

aromatherapy full body massage 60mins £50


Sugar Scrub waxing therapists are specially trained to be quick and thorough leaving your skin silky smooth in each allocated time given

full leg £22                     45mins
half leg bottom £13         15mins
half leg top £15              15mins
three quarter leg £18       20mins
full leg and bikini £25      35mins

standard bikini £10                15mins
Gstring bikini £13                  15mins
brazilian (strip wax) £19         30mins
brazilian (hot wax) £28           30mins
hollywood (strip wax) £24       30mins
hollywood (hot wax) £30         30mins

full arm £18                             30mins
half arm £12                            15mins
full arm and underarm £22        30mins
underarm (strip wax) £8
underarm (hot wax) £12
lip £4
chin £4
lip and chin £7
eyebrow £6